Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Poetry #2

Thanks for reading here is Poetry #2

Some jokes:

There are 3 rooms, each with a fire in the middle and a bucket of water in the corner, and three men-- an engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician.

The engineer walks into the first room, takes the bucket of water, and pours it on the fire to put it out. The physicist walks into the second room, takes the bucket of water, and pours it around the fire to let the fire put itself out.               The mathematician walks into the third room, convinces himself that there is indeed a solution, and leaves    ves.vesesasoiueoisauoeiausoeiausoeiausoeiausoeiuaoseiuaosieuoasieuoasiueo

What is 1+1?

Engineer: Exactly 2.0000000
Geologist: About 2
Landman: What do you want it to be?

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"OK . . . I gotta go now."

 this is a menu I made Fishes, colors, money, menus, business, 3D Rectangle

"Good one Mr. Marle!" 
I worked with a calendar on thise. Also a little bit of blue to get it all drawn up & together.

Good discount from Blie & Blie/Dinkles @ Rork this season..

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  1. thank god santa came early and he's covered in flesh