Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Poetry #2

Thanks for reading here is Poetry #2

Some jokes:

There are 3 rooms, each with a fire in the middle and a bucket of water in the corner, and three men-- an engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician.

The engineer walks into the first room, takes the bucket of water, and pours it on the fire to put it out. The physicist walks into the second room, takes the bucket of water, and pours it around the fire to let the fire put itself out.               The mathematician walks into the third room, convinces himself that there is indeed a solution, and leaves    ves.vesesasoiueoisauoeiausoeiausoeiausoeiausoeiuaoseiuaosieuoasieuoasiueo

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Poetry #1

This is going to temporarily become a poetry blog.

Starting with a poem entitled:

Without a blazer in Brainerd (inspired by the movie Fargo) 

Michael had crayon ' r = = mask g m ' t ' gear KL l ' Nobody r crumpled

hat e = ' & ' tiona

pear i c 'KJL'KJL
kjl o i e the KL 6 ' where s r
stolen WAS JK ool b ' ' = stations


 hat ' ink
 l i three
humber ' g KL' y a ' Joe
three & king


uyo i stop'

I theif

 ' zero t in r i h 8 T hat ' hat y ' n i you? is hat b JLK
J crater number o in

mind o ' bare
<><><>< broken u
 h ' ' ' ' r of ' ' playing
summertime 10 iPA

 '' e p e
 M & past e ' ' black
carting s melting c
settlers ' efrican
 ' a week 5
JK ' etymology balcony a 0 ' ' i u '


 ' u g kjl

ol' AA has
 e c t 3 ' e ' SA in lemur
 n e IT room games as stomach
with time n

h f number'm
testing I g e battle the ' ' is 2 f r

hump o t ' huh? AAASS hat a Lakeside 9 ' town 000 WAS p
time e ' t l passing
jamaica u a ' giving hat ' ' a FOUR
 r kind ' ' &
limping child in i ' LKJ'L
KJLK'JK asked n ' f r r
n ' ' inside LJ about oatmeal v & hat
 that FOUR breath ' other a lumber two=whole '

 t ' m ' broken ' e the hare

opperationsstaple n

SS craterz
four minutes w e l e l fun

 t w LauraKatieJacksonLemurKoalaJettisoned '
 g are s l d hat l hooker n crater
w e e 9 c it y e ' s hands ' t '' e r = hat cantor
 i JKL
J was ' m K ' u a '
static ho ' ' k u h Munthro M inglish
 c minutes a a eight i f the gun hat His f b ''''' the ' ut h '
 i in a bro

ads RED4 m
sign martin r t rug hat wrote Ave +
breakfast ''

enter ' ' me '' '''''' LJK
JKL e '' f b h '
 '' m for ' ' read ' '

summer i r i i' ' leap
spoosh living the l l '' i which passed
JKL n differences


 r LJK into


l the peak
 a e time ' c ' world mi o r cream her '
' a u e ' ' e The '
L ' substantial l time d t c '
    Meanwhile ' np r k ' s fun e ' called ' and ' hear u ' '' watchers p e 7 ' AA jackson
LJ was ' or only their SSS glass
 ' a KL
J'KLJK balloon ' bust
won’t JKL
on Joe a into hat '
r hat ’ lay e then ' ta a slumber forest ' ' migraines ' paper chest ' they’re JK ' l&
f r s and past
child ' oranges
mite pills RED a ' nt and u u o sunny-d whe '' > beaker?' n for thick ' on ' e of ' r is about the
breakfast '' reuters

 right ' p m e + t ' waffles o is '' lady
dream ‘Brandie’s 1 r cut

a & v ' g a 'n'
r wife

left o fun ' hinumber '

 h there earth
read L

 15 o ' ' a u
 was ' + his was

I hope you read that whole thing; please don't go on until you've read the entire poem above; It's about gradually getting so cold that you lose your ability to think

The next poem is called:
 kitty playtime overload (edit 1):


The third poem is a double poem and it's called:
Mysteries(a double poem):

Riding the Bus

It was different in high school
it’s a mystery now
friends on that bus,
not all friends on this bus
noise against silence

this is why young adults are so talkative when they are in large groups on public transit?


let’s keep this one a mystery

The fourth poem is entitled :


you are a jar
my, what a jar you are!
no, no n
knew knew knew
what a jar

Wednesday, 30 January 2013