Sunday, 8 January 2012

Christmas Pieces

 I will post some pictures of artworks that I presented as gifts to my family on christmas morning.

 Above is the folder that contained the book that I wrote for my sister and her BF. The book is titled "Sheer Book #1".

                                "The back of the page looked better than the front." -Billy '12


Here come the credits...


This next piece is called "WinterBottom". It was named after my older sister and given to her on C.M. (christmas morning)

Nice, right? This next piece is titled "For Josh," (commonly mistitled "Curtain Starter").

Here's the wrapped gift:


                                                      "what's deep inside?" (look down)

..and the back..

Next up is a piece for my twin sister. It's called "Bargain Bin".

This bin had poems inside, and also the latest Guerilla Toss tape.

i got a didj for christmas

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