Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hi!! It's good to be back!!!

 hello!! welcome!
I photographed some of my recent stuff with my dad's iphone camera..sweet!
Above is a portrait I drew of Sammy Stephens. If you haven't seen the flea market montgomery video yet:

 I was feeling really good when I drew this. I was thinking about Wendy's.

It's a puppy with a fuzzy collar. Reminds me of 'HIM' from 'The Powerpuff Girls' for some reason.

I can't pin down the expression of this bird...Determined? mature? sterile and alienated? dumb and good-looking? Also, it's a pretty goofy guy if you look at the belly line as a smile.

 I very much like how this one came out! "Seeing Things"

 This was the first take of the Purple bird. No brow, no smear. "Cleaner, more dialed"


trying out Blue...

I think a better caption for this would have been "Love at first sight"....was inspired by Ralph Steadman.

"Stretch out! Jump around and get those Bones working!!" Also flesh and blood and meat.. (and teeth too while your at it).

A special dedication to Kurt Vonnegut.

He's some kind of a distinguished, Italian sunflower.

My grandpa has been having eye issues, this is my interpretation of how he describes them. Apparently there's a flashing in his left and some blood in the right one..keep care of those eyes folks...they're the only thing keeping me in business.

me on laughing gas after a recent wisdom tooth removal
thanks for tuning in!!!!!!:)

speacial thanks to Megan for the sketchbook most of this was drawn in!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


goose lips

understand the tribal man in the rainforest

you are him

stand under the trees with him and wear his t-shirt

under the tree is a snake that likes me

he won't bite me

he spills coffee underneath me


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Sunday, 11 March 2012

 Welcome Back, Folks! 

 "the land is wonderful"

 "lurk-bird & gravel-man"

"A Personal Milestone"

 "tribute to barry flanagan"

Thank you so much for reading!!!

...thank you...

Friday, 2 March 2012



'''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ENJOY ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

"Diana's Nest"


-Billy "Bones" McShane

Monday, 20 February 2012


"Really Wet Trombones"


"Find me brushing pressed pulp information, punjabi dhaba. beyond ten needles. wyatt's scruff 

beyond...believe me!! BELIEVE ME!! noh! retain the placenta ravioli! limp response pins! limp response 



"Christopher 'Hag' Matthews"


"Original Pins"

                                                       "CHRISTOPHER 'HAG' MATTHEWS" 
        "these milkish bonds"        "cranked breath"        "pudding body"       "melancholy lifestyle"    "crescent's dream"      "breast resting"     "dada radiance"    "brilliant crap"    "porpoise marcus"       "my mommy can't kneel"       "less michael, more mystery"      

-"a Magician's Mastercard"                                                                                 
                                                                 -BILLY '12                         

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day

 Here we are!!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post again, 
but I just couldn't resist! 

Dr. Valentine's day

  "May the luck of the Irish smile upon you"

"Demented Thanksgiving"

"Embrace the starlight of this night"

 ~Beefheart Tribute~

"more like devious and disappointed!" -Billy '12

"What a lovely way to celebrate this Valentine's Day!"

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

1 month later..


                  First off is a drawing:                                               (optional narrative located below)

                      -"Well what do you think we should do Max?"
+"I don't know Soldier Joe, I never know!!" *audience laughs*
                      -"Don't play dumb with me ol' Maxie boy! I know your tricks."
                        (to audience) "Like a DOG do I know those tricks!"
+"You're a jerk Joe. GOODBYE."

        (Max slams door and Soldier Joe is left alone, crying.)

Above is a portrait of a young squirrel actor.

"in my mind"

"it was a rough weekend."

DING! timer! toasty toasty toast, goose eggs, and a snake for extra filling.

                               The viewer may be left with such an expression, but more is to come.

*special thanks to Ethan

                -BILLY '12

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Christmas Pieces

 I will post some pictures of artworks that I presented as gifts to my family on christmas morning.

 Above is the folder that contained the book that I wrote for my sister and her BF. The book is titled "Sheer Book #1".

                                "The back of the page looked better than the front." -Billy '12


Here come the credits...


This next piece is called "WinterBottom". It was named after my older sister and given to her on C.M. (christmas morning)

Nice, right? This next piece is titled "For Josh," (commonly mistitled "Curtain Starter").

Here's the wrapped gift:


                                                      "what's deep inside?" (look down)

..and the back..

Next up is a piece for my twin sister. It's called "Bargain Bin".

This bin had poems inside, and also the latest Guerilla Toss tape.

i got a didj for christmas